It happens over time

imageThese are pictures taken with my phone. This is Muddy. He is the puppy we found in our field. He was stuck in the mud in a tractor tire rut. When we found him he was too small to get out of the rut on his own.


Getting bigger.


Bigger still


Living up to his name! He is such a funny boy. We truly found a treasure that day in our field!


Horses and Humans

These are some pictures of my Sisters mini horses. They are very small but very feisty. It was great fun to watch them run and play.

There is a human in these pictures. The mini comes to below the waist. They are so cute I could not pick which to post.image image image image

Winter landscapes

imageFor those that live in areas that get snow this image is not a lot of snow. However I live in Florida so this seems like a lot to me. While visiting my family over Thanksgiving it snowed!

37. Rows and rows of

Pine trees. So it really looks like rows and rows of weeds.  There really are pine trees in there. When they are planted they are a couple of inches tall.  Our property has been pasture land for a long time. In order to plant the pines the land has to be scalped, a ditch is dug, then the pines are planted by machine.

the single pine tree picture is about 9  months old.

the tall pine are about 5 years old.imageimageimage

10. Family Table

This used to be our family coffee table. Now it is Muddy’s bed when ever he wants.

We were hoping for a small dog when we found him.

This was take with my iPad.image

43: Solitary

We were on a cruise out of the port of Tampa last month. We saw this lovely lady waiting to get married. This fits the solitary theme. We never saw her again during the trip. So if anyone recognizes her please have her get in touch with me. I would like to share the original with her. image

26. Masked

This is a picture of my husband “masked” and ready to go diving. Also a picture of him during the diveimage


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